Champion ft. Princess Nyah – Crazy

Big UK funky vibes as top producer and premier vocalist prep release of new EP.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Champion, one of the outstanding talents in the UK funky scene, has teamed up with Princess Nyah on Crazy. The track has been getting a lot of radio airplay recently and details and a preview of the upcoming release have now been revealed.

The single features the indisputable mix of rough and ready beats and sweet female vocals as Princess Nyah tells a story of night-club lust, infatuation and disappointment. She has storytelling form: Princess Nyah is a singer probably best known for her work on the brilliant and surprisingly dark Frontline a few years ago. The EP also has a devastating, grimey remix by Hardrive Record’s Terror Danjah and D.O.K on the B-side alongside an instrumental version of the original track. Have a listen below:

‘Crazy EP’ (FRM003) will be released digitally and on vinyl by Formula Records on 5th March

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