Chairlift – Sidewalk Safari (Sampha remix)

Crystalline remix of Brooklyn duo's big pop song from UK producer on the rise and rise.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

In the lead up to the release of their second album ‘Something’ in January, Brooklyn pop duo Chairlift have been given the Sampha magic dust treatment. The Morden producer spins melodies and vocal skits across the surface of Sidewalk Safari that behave like falling icicles, fracturing and refracting the light enchantingly. Sampha’s had a busy year this year, what with writing and touring with SBTRKT for the latter’s self-titled debut. It’s been a little while since anything new has surfaced but he’s on form as ever, which spells bright things for 2012. Have a listen to his remix below, along with three tracks from Chairlift’s upcoming album.

In other Chairlift news, they’ll be playing new songs from ‘Something’ in a live performance tonight that’ll be broadcast on LiveStream at 8.30pm EST. That’s 1.30am our time, UK readers. Watch it here.

SOMETHING Album Sampler by Chairlift

Young Turks will release Chairlift ‘Something’ on 23rd January 2012

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