CFCF’s ‘Exercises’ EP will be the next Dummy release

Outstanding eight-song EP of subtle piano pop compostions from Canada will be out on our label from 21st June.


Words by: Charlie Jones

We are delighted to announce Dummy Records will release the music of CFCF outside of America. ‘Exercises’, the Canadian pop producer’s EP of modern keyboard music, is available now through, with a full digital and vinyl release from 21st June.

‘Exercises’ is an eight-song record composed by CFCF (Mike Silver to his mum) at home in Montreal. With modernist architect Louis Kahn’s monumental Exeter Academy Library on the cover, and borrowing melodic ideas from Phillip Glass, the record is imbued with a mid-century sense of idealistic purpose and tactful simplicity.

Constructed out of soft, subtly phasing keyboard phrases and concentric melodic gestures, the song-titles suggest a similarly reflexive autobiographic pattern and personally engaged conceptual whole. Each track employs different techniques taken from modern classical, ambient and kosimische music, but what excites us so is the way Mike has harnessed this radical energy into a pop realm. The result is a hyper-personal, lighter-than-air set of harmonic sketches, and, in our humble opinion, one of the best releases of the year, seriously.

CFCF – ‘Exercises’ [Dummy] tracklisting:
Exercise #1 (Entry)
Exercise #2 (School)
Exercise #3 (Building)
Exercise #4 (Spirit)
Exercise #5 (September)
Exercise #6 (December)
Exercise #7 (Loss)
Exercise #8 (Change)

Mike Silver released the first CFCF 7”, You Hear Colours, through Acephale and his debut album ‘Continent’ through Canadian label Paper Bag, who also handle ‘Exercises’ in America, and ‘The River’, an EP about Werner Herzog’s Fitzcaraldo, on RVNG INTL. He has remixed Aaliyah, Sally Shapiro and Crystal Castles, played with Caribou, Oneohtrix Point Never and Animal Collective, and is working on his second full-length.

Pre-order the ‘Exercises’ vinyl now, and listen to it below.

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