Hear the first track from CFCF’s brand new EP!

Download new track 'Camera' from the Montreal artist's upcoming release, due on Dummy Records on the 8th July.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

We’re thrilled to announce that Montreal-based pianist and pop classicist CFCF is all set to release a new EP on Dummy Records. The ‘Music For Objects’ EP is a another eight track release, acting as a companion to last year’s stunning eight track ‘Exercises’ EP, and will be made available on 8th July.

Taking inspiration from the score composed by French musician Laurent Petitgand for the Wim Wenders film about Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, Notebooks on Cities and Clothes – a score that essentially attempted to express clothing through music – CFCF’s (AKA Mike Silver’s) latest collection of compositions translate the essence of everyday physical objects into sound. As such, each one has a simple concrete noun for its title, taken from the various objects Silver found around himself in his immediate world as he gathered material for the new EP; the first track to be made public is called Camera, and you can stream and download it below.

Camera, like much of the new EP, is smoother than the sparse meanderings of ‘Exercises’, weaving snippets of soft jazz and piano chords into a pleasant, all-consuming haze. Where the movements of ‘Exercises’ communicated a kind of instability or lack of purpose, ‘Music For Objects’ is made of bolder and brighter stuff, fleshed out with a whirlpool of repeated and refined musical ideas.

Stream and download the evocative track and read the full EP tracklist below, and catch CFCF live at the Montreal Jazz Festival on the 30th June.

‘Music For Objects’ Tracklist:

Dummy Records will release ‘Music For Objects’ on the 8th July 2013. Pre-order the limited vinyl at the Dummy shop.