CFCF – La Soufrière

Radiant sounds from the Montreal musician's latest album.


Montreal producer/composer Michael Silver is returning with a new CFCF album, 'Radiance and Submission', for Joel Ford's Driftless Recordings.

Eight songs of utmost luminosity, 'Radiance and Submission' is Silver's third CFCF full-length, although he's done about a million smaller EPs and mini-albums since his debut single in 2009. The album introduces more acoustic guitar work into his usual electronic soundscapes, field recordings, softly-sung vocals, and film samples.

New song La Soufrière is cut from a similar cloth to a tune like Windswept, at once static yet constantly in motion.

CFCF 'Radiance and Submission' tracklist:

01. In Praise of Shadows
02. Sculptures of Sand
03. A Various Language (From The Same Hill)
04. Tethered In Dark
05. The Ruined Map
06. Blanketed In Snow A Place Returned
07. La Soufrière
08. Two Mirrors

Driftless Recordings release 'Radiance and Submission' on July 25th 2015 (buy).