Cassie a new song out and its name is Balcony

Slow jam about architectural feature, and having sex on it, from R&B's quietest explosion leaked to the internet.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Cassie’s new song Balcony has been leaked.

In this song, Cassie takes a some mild inspiration from new R&B singer Jhene Aiko’s intonation, particularly on Do Better Blues. Which is interesting, because so much about Aiko reminds me of what I love about Cassie, while this song – gorgeous as it is – reminds me of everything that kind of annoys me about so much modern R&B. Basically, it’s a gorgeous song, and it’s sung wonderfully, and then there’s a totally pointless Young Jeezy verse. But, as they say, you’re better falling for a city’s skyscrapers than talking about their sewers, so let’s all collectively forget that Jeez said “so wet you need a wipe” and concentrate on Cassie’s immaculate handling of melody and the bursting emotion when she sings of owning the city.

It’s quite lovely, really, and is downloadable from Production comes from Motivation‘s Rico Love and it will be out on Cassie’s second album, which will hopefully be released soon.