Carl Craig has a new project!

'The Last Decade' EP will be released under new alias Carls Davis on Planet E this week.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Detroit producer Carl Craig has released under many different names in the past. He’s recently been touring his live project 69, put out music as Paperclip People, No Boundaries and BFC among many others. His label Planet E are now releasing the ‘Last Decade’ EP, out under the brand new alias Carls Davis. From the sound of things, it’s a record of bright, bubbling techno, tracks pumping with a light and springy energy. You can hear clips of the release below, and the 12” is out on 22nd May.

Carls Davis – Last Decade EXCLUSIVE SOUNDCLOUD PREVIEW by planetedetroit

1. Sketches Pt. 1
2. Sketches Pt. 2
3. Sketches Pt. 3
4. Sketches Pt. 4
5. Sketches Pt. 5
6. Sketches Pt. 6

Planet E will release Carls Davis’ ‘The Last Decade’ EP on 22nd May 2012