“Send him to prison”: Musicians react to the first Trump-Biden debate

Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, John Legend and others spoke out against President Trump's performance


Words by: Felicity Martin

Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, John Legend and more have responded to last night’s presidential debate between candidates Biden and Trump.

Posting to her 76 million followers on Instagram, Cardi B uploaded videos of her reacting live to the debates, captioning one of them: “Maaaannnn I wish I was there”.

The Bronx rapper recently did an interview with Biden, where she asked him questions about his stance on coronavirus, racial inequality, free college tuition and more.

She spoke out about the New York Times‘ recent leak of President Trump’s tax returns that revealed he paid only $750 in taxes in two years, stating: “This n**** is a criminal … send him to the prison.”

Chance The Rapper tweeted: “VOTE HIM OUT,” about the President after he refused to condemn white supremacy, also writing: “He used the word coup. Virtue signal.”

Elsewhere, John Legend tweeted: “We can’t put ourselves through another four years of this walking dumpster fire.”

Frank Ocean recently updated his Blonded website with a new voter registration initiative.

Watch a selection of Cardi B’s Instagram reaction videos below.


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Like let’s talk about the economy recovery!

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