Camelphat reveal anti-vaccination stance on Twitter

Asked whether they'd take a coronavirus vaccine, the EDM duo replied "Not a fucking chance."


Words by: Felicity Martin

Camelphat, the EDM duo behind ‘Cola‘, have come out in opposition to a coronavirus vaccine on Twitter.

As highlighted by Twitter account Business Teshno, Camelphat responded to a question by a fan asking if they would take a future Covid-19 vaccine, replying: “Not a fucking chance.”

The account also put a poll to their 66,000 followers, asking: “When/if a vaccine becomes widely available will you be taking it…?”

Responding to another Twitter user, they explained that “for the record we aren’t against vaccines, we just aren’t into a vaccine that’s not had years of clinical trials. Like every previous one that’s gone before… (Usually 6/10 years), It’s our opinion.”

Currently, the Oxford University vaccine is a frontrunner among more than 170 vaccines being developed around the world, and is in phase 3 trials in South Africa and the US and phase 2/3 trials in India and the UK. It is expected to be available as early as January, according to The Guardian.

Phase 3 trials involve the vaccine being given to thousands of people to confirm safety, including rare side effects, and effectiveness, and involve a control group who are given a placebo.

Kanye West has also come out with an anti-vax stance, stating he would be running for president on those terms.

Read more about vaccine opposition and why the most common reasons behind it are medically unfounded, and this article which explains the importance of countering misinformation surrounding the vaccine.

Camelphat recently collaborated with Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis on ‘Hypercolour‘.

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