c u p – Throwed

Grammar-defying and un-Google-able, a gem from the furthest reaches of Soundcloud.


Words by: Charlie Jones

c u p is a producer who seems to exist only in the depths of Soundcloud; even there, with a photo of the back of his (or her?) head and a fictional geographical location (although s/he does indicate that he is American), s/he’s trying pretty hard to remain anonymous.

Trying hard to be anonymous, in 2012, is more of an annoying affectation than anything else, even if it is incredibly difficult to achieve. But something about this music crackles through that un-Googleable aloofness with a flash of something at once both recognisable and unique. c u p’s tracks are at once expertly handled and yet breaking the mould of the experts, with both the thumping assurance of a pro, but also the surprising imagination of a fresh pair of eyes.

With its deep, belly-twinging bass and magical distorted vocals, Throwed is something special, no matter how deeply it might be buried in the internet – not to mention, the word “throwed” perfectly sums up what the track is doing, as it builds on an existing grammar, but twists it to a new, imaginative agenda. Stream it below, and follow the link to Soundcloud to get a little bit closer to c u p.