Butterclock – Holograms

One-time oOoOO vocalist has a solo EP out, and this new one gives you plenty of reasons to be excited about it.


Anyone who followed the witch house movement a while back may remember Butterclock as a vocalist on oOoOO’s ‘Our Love Is Hurting Us’ EP, and now she is returning with a solo EP named ‘First Prom’, due out soon via o F F Love’s F A N T A S Y m u s i c. If you didn’t follow or didn’t care for witch house (this author didn’t) then there’s still plenty of reasons to be excited about the EP, judging from new track Holograms. Leave any preconceptions at the door and listen to Holograms in earnest: it’s a beautiful bit of melancholy electro pop, a teary-eyed end-of-the-night song for a club that doesn’t exist.

F A N T A S Y m u s i c will release ‘First Prom’ digitally on April 15th 2013.

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