Brey – Brasil

The London producer enlists horns, tambourines and possibly the kitchen sink on a 4-track EP for Svetlana Industries


Words by: Charlie Jones

You might know Brey from Pearson Sound’s winning Fabriclive CD, where he appears by the name of Die Barbie Musik Kollektiv, or from his heavyweight Javeon McCarthy remix – the kind of track which made YouTube commenters write: “Brey is a BADMAN!!!” If you don’t, then his new ‘Brasil’ EP for Svetlana Industries should prove the perfect introduction.

Lead track Bengela is a cinematic piece of rainforest boogie, the soundtrack to a high-camp James Bond splashing through the Congo River, while the deceptively titled Double A Side gathers up a selection of dubstep, garage and tribal sounds before pressing the button marked ‘deranged’. The influence of Angolan kuduro music is also tangible in the insistent percussion of Juno, a natural reflection of the London-based producer’s family roots.

The 4-track vinyl appears on 19th March, followed by a digital download on 2nd April.

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