Stream Braille’s new album, ‘Mute Swan’

Exclusive full stream of the Friends of Friends producer's debut album before its release next week.


Praveen Sharma has been releasing house music under the name Braille since 2011, building up a small but very strong discography with releases on labels like Rush Hour and Hotflush (A Meaning is a particular favourite 'round these parts).

But Sharma has actually been putting out records under different names since around 2005, experimenting with genre and forming bonds with other likeminded musicians that last to this day – take, for example, an old remix of Machinedrum, an artist who Sharma would go on to work with under the name Sepalcure a few years down the line.

More than anything, 'Mute Swan' – the debut album from Braille – illustrates the confidence to explore that Sharma has developed over the past 10 years releasing music. Released via Friends of Friends next week, 'Mute Swan' moves subtly between slow house music, hard jungle, vocal pop, and abstracted beatmaking – often in the same song – unifying these styles through Sharma's warm approach to production and songwriting. It's also a showcase of the connections that he's forged over time, with friends and past collaborators like Seafloor and Jesse Boykins III appearing across the record.

Friends of Friends release 'Mute Swan' on May 4th 2015 (pre-order).