Bobby Tank – Afterburn

Exclusively stream the title track from the outstandingly sultry and ecstatic EP by London-based producer Bobby Tank, forthcoming on MofoHifi this May.


Words by: Karen Chan

Out of all the emerging great new artists and breakthrough producers in the recent year, London’s Bobby Tank, whose sound is a phenomenal gush of unrestrained emotions, easily grabbed a spot and became one of my favourites.

His latest output ‘Afterburn’ EP captures the seductive, bold, compellingly euphoric qualities that I love about the Warp-esque digital sounds that Rustie champions. Title track gets straight to the point – the clean, stripped down melody is made much denser and sleazier by the over-excited, meshed-up, consistent bursts of short pads and gliding synth notes. The 80s-resembling video game snippets keep everything tight and firmly grounded within the track itself; the recycling of the short, loopy vocal sample keeps alive the rhythmic and melodic intricacies, while adding another dimension to the labyrinthine array of sounds. Vector Beach follows a similar pattern, while the rest of the EP take on a more subdued approach. This 4-track release certainly has a propulsive and energetic presence, and it’s the kind of listen that’ll leave you feeling revitalised.

MofoHifi will release Bobby Tank’s ‘Afterburn’ EP digitally on 14th May and on vinyl on 21st May, 2012

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