Boards of Canada promise us a new album

Confirmation of new album from IDM mainstays comes from unlikely resource.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Boards of Canada have been on a mysterious hiatus since their last album, The Campfire Headphase in 2005, releasing nothing but an EP and a slow stream of remixes. Notoriously un-interviewable, a Facebook fan got the exclusive of the week. When they posted the question the Boards of Canada page “Rumours of a new BOC album are rife ? , any truth in this ?” The band responded with a simple “yes”.

This may be a confirmation of the news broken by Peter Serafinowicz, of all people, on BBC6 Music:

“I’m a bit of a Boards of Canada evangelist. They’ve got a new album coming out soon and I think it’s gonna be a double album and I’m so excited, I really am-to hear their new one. Um, I just love them.”

This is a long way from a full album announcement, of course, but we thought you would like to know, anyway. Here’s a lovely fan video for Whitewater, from Boc Maxima, while you wait for more.


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