BNJMN – Hummingbird (Xamiga remix)

Legowelt and Xosar (aka Xamiga) remix BNJMN, the man of many aliases, for Rush Hour.


Let's just pull this from Discogs right now:

BNJMN is BNJMN, Jackhigh, 141, Rewolf, and Singing Statues.

Legowelt is Legowelt, Danny Blanco, Danny Wolfers, Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew, Florenza Mavelli, Franz Falckenhaus, Gladio, House Of Jezebel, Jackmaster Corky, Klaus Weltman, Nacho Patrol, Phalangius, Polarius, Psychic Stewardess, The, R-Zone, Raheem Hershel, Salamandos, Sammy Osmo, Satomi Taniyama, Seaside Houz Boyz, Smackos, Squadra Blanco, Trackman Lafonte, Twilight Moose, Venom 18, and Westside Box Savants.

Xosar is Xosar, Bonquiqui, and Sheela Rahman.

With all this alias lovin' it's probably just as well that the BNJMN should be enlisting Legowelt and Xosar to remix his newest single for Rush Hour. Going under yet another name, Xamiga, Legowelt and Xosar turn in a late night drive version of Hummingbird, dropping the speed of the original and submerging it in saturation and that ever hard to quantify notion of "deepness". Stream it on the left hand side, and if you're curious you should check out the Dummy mix that BNJMN made for us last year.

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