Blue Daisy – Raindance [stream]

A track that growls and snaps at your brain a bit.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Blue Daisy emanates out dance music that will twist anything. There’s bits of Flying Lotus’ skewed hip hop, trickles of techno, plenty of crackle in the plethora of sounds he deploys. He’s releasing his debut album on Black Acre soon (they brought us Hyetal’s debut earlier in the year), who have already put out three EPs of his. You can now stream album track Raindance, which is a song that sounds a bit like it’s mutating before your very ears, that low-slung rhythm magnetically pulling washes of odd, spooky noise onto itself. Worth the listen if you feel the need for some beat voodoo.

Blue Daisy – Raindance by Black Acre Records

Black Acre will release Blue Daisy’s album ‘The Sunday Gift’ on 3rd October 2011

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