Blondes – Wine [video]

Brooklyn duo shine a light on a euphoric moment on essential new house track.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Have you heard of gloving? I hadn’t. Essentially a cross between rave’s original white gloves and nu-rave’s glow sticks, gloving is a hand dance-off while wearing gloves with flashing, motion responsive lights. Which looks a lot more fun than that sounds, as Blondes’ new video for their just so damn addictive new song Wine shows. The A-side to Wine/Water, the final instalment in their trio of RVNG Intl. 12“s, on record – and on this tape – the hypnotic heat and light of a euphoric dancefloor swells, twists and burns bright.

RVNG Intl. release Blondes Wine/Water 12” on November 15th 2011

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