Blondes – Persuasion

A techno-dub voyage into dance floor utopia that proves even long distance love affairs can flourish.


Words by: Natalie /

They say that love can't last when played out from a distance but Blondes are proving that the heart just grows fonder with the release of three track EP 'Persuasion'. The boys behind Blondes, Sam Haar and Zach Steinman, may be geographically challenged (Sam is now based in Philadelphia, whilst Zach stayed put in NYC) but living apart has presented them with a new way of creating music. Their refined work ethic has spawned a more exacted approach to their improvisational practise and it shows.

Laid down across a single weekend 'Persuasion' is a weightier beast than 'Swisher', the duo's second album. Ripe with a potent concoction of acid and dub-techno influences each track incites a primordial urge to follow Blondes, like a techno Pied Piper, down an unpredictable path into dance floor utopia. The EP symbolises a freedom that is consummated by an unfiltered creativity. Melodies and percussion ascend and crack against the sound of a solid and enduring groove, purging the minds of those who listen. Of the trio of tracks it was the pumping beat of Inner Motive that really got us going.  A composition of repetitive drum loops and fragmented bass, the final offering from the EP is a rhythm thick pilgrimage of forward-thinking techno.

'Persuasion' is released August 7th on 12” EP and digital formats (buy). 

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