Bloc Party – Ratchet (Rustie remix)

The Scottish producer drops a big ol' remix for the indie titans.


We've been waiting for a proper follow-up to Rustie's world-beating 2011 album 'Glass Swords' for a while now, but in the meantime we've been gifted with a new remix. Following on from the wicked double a-side Triadzz/Slasherr earlier this year, the Scottish producer has shared a remix of constantly-on-hiatus indie titans Bloc Party. Rustie takes the jagged guitar riff from the original and uses it as an anchor for his big drops, handclaps and frantic percussion, resulting in a remix that's more akin to his older releases – large-sounding and heavy without using the wide-eyed, golden synths that peppered his debut album. As usual, it's bloody good fun.

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