Bloc 2012 announced huge fishing boat floating venue

2,541 tonnes of ex-Communist nautical chaos will visit London in July for the electronic music festival.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Motor Ship Stubnitz, a deep-sea fishing vessel that belonged to the German
Democratic Republic before the collapse of Communism (80 metres in length for more than 2 tonnes), has been converted in a moving platform for the sonic and visual arts and it’ll become the most extraordinary venue for Bloc Weekend.

The body of the ship was gradually modified to Urs Blazer (a Swiss-born sonic artist) exact specifications – both in terms of the performance space and the audio installation. It has now an atrium gallery that looks over a main dancefloor, creating an industrial venue inside this monumental tribute to Europe’s history.

The ship, which also have a second club space at the stern of the vessel, is on of the world’s most impressive floating venues and has played host to live performances, art installations and DJ sets for the past twenty years. Stubnitz be visiting London for the first time at Bloc 2012 on July 6th and 7th.

You can check all the details about the festival on the website, and watch more on the Stubnitz vessel in the video below.