Blackest Ever Black to join NTS radio

The esteemed London label will start a monthly slot with the online station on Wednesday 30th January.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Blackest Ever Black, purveyors of the purest missives from electronic music’s fringes, hell-mouth club tracks and all the echoes in-between, is set to start a monthly slot on London’s NTS radio station. The Blackest Ever Black show will air on monthly Wednesdays from 10pm-midnight from 30th January 2013. Label head Kiran Sande (not pictured, inexplicably that’s that guy from Dad’s Army) sheds some light on why this show should prove unmissable – and on what to listen out to from the label this year. (From these clips, we’re especially excited about the new Purient record.)

What can listeners expect from the Blackest Ever Black radio show?

Nepotism, nostalgia, futurology. Controlled bleeding. Jungle, jangle. First airings of new material on the label. More Partridge than Peel.

What attracted to you NTS?

Things they have that I lack: youth, enthusiasm, broadcasting capabilities. Proximity to Kristina and Manghal Ocakbasi. Plus solid transport links between their studio and my flat.

What does Blackest Ever Black have lined up for 2013 releases-wise?

New records from people you’ve probably not heard of – Moin, Alexander Lewis, Dalhous, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. New records from people you probably have heard of – Prurient, Regis, Tropic of Cancer, Black Rain. Reissues of old records by people you’re probably not sure whether you’ve heard of or not.

Tune in to the Blackest Ever Black show on NTS on monthly Wednesdays from 10pm-midnight from 30th January 2013.