The music industry will collectively shut down for Black Out Tuesday tomorrow

We will spend the day reading, listening and reflecting on what more we can to do help


Right now it feels impossible to concentrate on anything other than the news – with the recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police brutality taking precedent over everything else.

As a music platform covering house, techno, rap, grime, and more, Dummy is indebted to black culture. Staying silent in this situation is not acceptable, and it is our responsibility to take an active stand against racism.

Tomorrow we are joining other record labels and music companies to participate in Black Out Tuesday, where we will disconnect from work to listen to and engage with the black community. It is unclear where the movement started, but its message has been spread and it has since been adopted by Warner Music Group, Sony/ATV, Universal Music, Motown, Capitol Records, Spotify, Dirty Hit, and fellow music publications.

We will not be posting any content on the site or via socials. Instead, we will spend the day reading and educating ourselves about the prevalence of racism in society and reflecting on how we can do more. We urge our non-black followers to sign petitions, protest, listen to activists and donate (we have made a donation to The United Families & Friends Campaign).

Below are some other suggested donation links – the previously-popular Minnesota Freedom Fund is now asking for people to focus on donating to grassroots organisations as well as the family of George Floyd.

The National Bail Fund directory – where you can donate bail according to state.

The official GoFundMe set up by George Floyd’s family.

Unicorn Riot, which helps provide accurate on the ground coverage.

Black Visions Collective, a queer and trans-centred organisation organising powerful, connected black communities.

The LGBTQ Fund, a bail fund providing relief to jailed LGBTQ people in 15 states and counting.

The Black Lives Matter movement

Campaign Zero, an organisation that utilises research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in the US.

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