Biophilia gets tracklisting and album cover


Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ album project has been unconventional to say the least – featuring Tesla coils and really big pendulums, presented as an iPad app as well as a CD, incorporating an educational roadshow – but she has chosen to incorporate one rather tiresome ritual of the modern “event” record release: the drip-feed of information. Here’s the latest scraps, the album cover below and the tracklisting, which were revealed over the course of a week, in such a no-way-cynical manner as to keep the album resolutely splashed through RSS feeds the world over. Anyway – here’s the cover, and the tracklist below.


1. Moon (Lunar cycles, sequences) Björk, Damian Taylor 5:40
2. Thunderbolt (Lightning, arpeggios) Björk, Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir
3. Crystalline (Structure) Björk 5:06
4. _Cosmogony” (Music of the Spheres, equilibrium) Björk, Sjón 4:51
5. Dark Matter (Scales) Björk, Mark Bell
6. Hollow (DNA, rhythm) Björk
7. Virus (Generative music) Björk, Sjón 5:19
8. Sacrifice (Man and Nature, notation) Björk
9. Mutual Core (Tectonic plates, chords) Björk
10. Solstice (Gravity, counterpoint) Björk, Sjón