Biophilia gets tracklisting and album cover

Bjork (who you probably know about) has an album out (which you probably know about) whose cover and tracklisting we now know about.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ album project has been unconventional to say the least – featuring Tesla coils and really big pendulums, presented as an iPad app as well as a CD, incorporating an educational roadshow – but she has chosen to incorporate one rather tiresome ritual of the modern “event” record release: the drip-feed of information. Here’s the latest scraps, the album cover below and the tracklisting, which were revealed over the course of a week, in such a no-way-cynical manner as to keep the album resolutely splashed through RSS feeds the world over. Anyway – here’s the cover, and the tracklist below.


1. Moon (Lunar cycles, sequences) Björk, Damian Taylor 5:40
2. Thunderbolt (Lightning, arpeggios) Björk, Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir
3. Crystalline (Structure) Björk 5:06
4. _Cosmogony” (Music of the Spheres, equilibrium) Björk, Sjón 4:51
5. Dark Matter (Scales) Björk, Mark Bell
6. Hollow (DNA, rhythm) Björk
7. Virus (Generative music) Björk, Sjón 5:19
8. Sacrifice (Man and Nature, notation) Björk
9. Mutual Core (Tectonic plates, chords) Björk
10. Solstice (Gravity, counterpoint) Björk, Sjón

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