Bill Ryder-Jones – If… (Belbury Poly, Leyland Kirby and Moon Wiring Club remixes)


One of the most satisfying, and least documented re-inventions, of modern times has to be Bill Ryder-Jones’s move from Coral guitarist into film composer. After soundtracking three films, last year, Domino imprint Double-Six released his debut album ‘If …’, and far from the chirpy, if interesting, indie of The Coral, it was full of strange, haunting and melodic instrumentals that sounded almost as if Howard Blake were commissioned to soundtrack Pans Labyrinth. You really should listen to it over here.

Anyway, it’s a great pleasure to be able to write about this music again, thanks to the release of Belbury Poly, The Caretaker and Moon Wiring Club remixes. Three musicians with form re-creating the sounds of British broadcasting’s buried past, with ghostly effects, it’s a chance meeting of a few musical minds, and perfect to herald you towards dusk.