Bibio announces ‘Ribbons’ album coming on Warp

Stephen Wilkinson shares news of the highly-anticipated full-length arriving in April...


Words by: Felicity Martin

Having recently shared the folk-inspired ‘Curls‘, inspired by “memories, observations and fantasies”, Stephen Wilkinson as Bibio now announces a full album arriving in April.

Heading back onto longtime home Warp Records, ‘Ribbons’ will see him adopting the acoustic-led approach of 2016’s ‘A Mineral Love’, delving into the sounds of ‘60s and ‘70s psychedelia, soul, ambient, and electronic.

The self-taught musician will pay homage to past works inspired by J Dilla and Madlib, as well as ’60s and ’70s soul sounds, but with a movement away from sampling by making everything from scratch.

Listen to first single ‘Curls’:

Bibio’s ‘Ribbons’ will be released by Warp on April 12th 2019.

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