The Bey-by boom

Announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy at the VMAs has sent her album sales through the roof, and broken multiple records, including being the most tweeted moment in history.


Words by: Charlie Jones

At 8,868 mentions per second, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement set the record for the most tweeted moment in history on Sunday night.

The unveiling has also done wonders for the Destiny’s Child ringleader’s album sales, rocketing ‘4’ back into the top ten in the US iTunes chart. Love On Top , the album track that she sang before unbuttoning her tuxedo to reveal a baby bump on the VMAs stage, is now sitting in the top five on the iTunes chart, despite not being a single and being relatively unknown before the performance.

MTV’s online stream of the event broke yet more records, as it pulled in 2.3 million viewers, making it the biggest VMA day audience ever. Not only this, but the 2011 VMAs wound up being the most-viewed MTV broadcast ever.

Columbia Records released ‘4’ on the 24th June 2011

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