Bernard + Edith – Eyes On You

New Manchester experimental pop duo share another new song from their promising debut EP.


Bernard + Edith are a duo from Manchester who make properly bent out of shape electronic pop music. Yes, one member is male and one member is female, but it's worth throwing any preconceived ideas of 'boy/girl duos' to the side. Nick 'Bernard' Delap programmes slow drum rhythms and eerie sound designs, while Greta 'Edith' Caroll has a voice that doesn't fit into any conventional archetypal categorisation ('wailing diva', 'soulful croon', 'affected songstress', etc.), and the two coexist perfectly, to the extent that neither music nor vocal could really belong without their other half.

New song Eyes On You follows on from the excellent Poppy late last month. Whenever Eyes On You threatens to drop into anything too hooky, the vocal seems to contort back in on itself. Both songs are taken from Bernard + Edith's forthcoming EP for SWAYS Records (home of M O N E Y, Kult Country, G R E A T W A V E S).

SWAYS Records release Poppy on March 31st 2014.

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