Benga has retired from DJing

Dubstep pioneer and one third of Magnetic Man announces his DJing retirement in order to start a family.


Did Benga just retire from DJ life? As reported by FACT yesterday, the dubstep pioneer and one third of bass pop group Magnetic Man posted on his Facebook a message that suggests he's sacking his DJ career off in order to start a family. 

The message in full reads: "im engage [sic] to Holly-Jae Treadgold the love of my life, my djing career is finished i just wanna start a family. big up to all my real supporters its been a lovely time".

To be fair, Benga's not really mincing his words there, although the phrasing suggests he's not retiring as a musician but simply as a touring jockey (that long-mooted second Magnetic Man album has yet to land, after all).

He's not posted anything else about it publicly yet, so no word on whether or not it'll affect things like his BBC Radio One show with Skream, or whether this is even a permanent thing (and, let's be honest, retirements in the music world are rarely permanent), but for now at least: see you Benga, and we wish you all the best.

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