bEEdEEgEE – Bricks

Gang Gang Dance man Brian DeGraw births new project and it's beautifully bonkers.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

bEEdEEgEE is the actually pretty easily pronounceable name of Brian DeGraw's new solo project. B-D-G, you see? The Gang Gang Dance co-founder relocated from New York City to the infinitely greener surrounds of Woodstock and the first listen to the musical results of such a move can be streamed below. Bricks is the lead track from bEEdEEgEE's solo album 'SUM/ONE', due on 4AD on 2nd December, and it sounds like a bag of fireworks in a microwave. It's maximalist in a HudMo 'n' Rustie kinda way – snares, clicks, drums, bass booms and percussive flicks collide determinedly – but the overall feeling is organic, rather than overtly digital. DeGraw seems to bend signals just for the sake of it, to see what happens, to explore, to play – and the results delight. As an anonymous, TV anchor-ly type intones at the song's close: "You've got to be able to see the light in your head."

4AD will release bEEdEEgEE's debut album 'SUM/ONE' on 2nd December 2013.

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