Beck – Dreams

Upbeat pop song that follows last year's comparatively sombre 'Morning Phase'.


Last year Beck released 'Morning Phase', an album which surprisingly took home the Album of the Year prize at the Grammys (much to the chagrin of Kanye West).

Perhaps the reason that win was so unexpected was because the album was so sombre in its tone, but Beck was always insistent that he had another record coming up that was more upbeat.

Last week he teased a new single called Dreams – a single which is available on iTunes now. It's way more party and a little MGMT-ish (though as The Future Heart point out, that's not entirely accidental). You can expect it to lead to a new album announcement in the future.

Although the song isn't available to stream officially just yet, you can check out a preview of it above and get an unofficial stream over at 91x.