Azealia Banks signs to Universal

Harlem rapper with eyes on the prize pens deal with major label.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Azealia Banks, a great rapper from Harlem who briefly signed to XL, left, then released one of the best videos/songs of 2011, has signed to Universal.

The news was annoucned, of courser, through her Twitter, writing

“God dealt me a really fucked up hand at birth. Half the shit I’ve been through & successfully gotten through would blow some of your minds. […] God just dealt me a new hand today. I reaaaaaaaaaaallllly good hand. […] I am now officially signed to Universal Music. […] Wow I just wanna drink a million bottles of champagne and do a million bell kicks right now. […] Album in May, June possibly.”

Here is her big one, 212, with her also great 2010 song L8R below, and our sincere congratulations to this great artist.

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