Are Zayn Malik and Tyler, The Creator about to make some music together?

The most unexpected hip hop collaboration of the year may be about to unfold.


Words by: Natalie /

When you sat down to watch X-Factor in 2010 with your Domino's pizza and family size bottle of Coke, did you ever think a member of the Cowell molded power-pop troupe One Direction would collaborate with outspoken rapper Tyler, The Creator?

No, neither did we.

Probably understandably so, as at the time Tyler was dropping albums like 'Bastard', which feature the sort of tunes Cowell would probably play to his a waste disposal chute whilst whistling sardonically. But Twitter has spoken and played host to a weird go-between ex-1D member Zayn Malik and Tyler himself.

Tyler's got some free time now as his tour Down Under has been cancelled, plus with the 'radio singles' pop cuffs clean off Zayn, we're keen to see how things unfold between these two unlikely bed buddies.

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