Archivist – Wonder Through

The trumpet-wielding London duo channel the echoes of Aphex Twin and Radiohead in their debut single.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Meet Archivist. Made up of duo Ed Begly (vocals, keys, guitar) and Rory Simmons (guitar, trumpet, programming), the Londoners have seemingly appeared from nowhere with a disarmingly wonderful track in Wonder Through. Counting Aphex Twin and Radiohead among their influences, this is a project that's arrived already matured and ready to impress.

Fraught with sweeps of broken guitar and looming bass, Wonder Through is pulsatingly alive. There are delicate keys throughout, from that looping progression at the start to hesitant clusters of melody later on, and wide glittering chords of synth that sit beside a well-crafted beat. Meanwhile Begly croons excellently in falsetto, expelling lungfuls of emotion and forming just one element of Archivist's sound that is making the 4th November release of their debut self-titled EP all the more exciting.

Archivist will release their self-titled debut EP on the 4th November 2013.

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