Aphex Twin probably just announced a new album

It might be called 'SYRO' and he announced it through deep web.


This morning, we reported on the Aphex Twin blimp hovering over Hackney and the logo sprayed onto the streets of New York City over the weekend. This was – obviously – going to be the start of a new album campaign, but here it seems that the album has been revealed faster than usual.

Aphex Twin just tweeted a bizarre link ending in .onion (no, we didn't realise he had Twitter, either), which, as Stereogum point out, is the domain associated with TOR, the browser enabling you to access the unindexed world of the deep web.

A Twitter user accessing the site posted a screenshot of the result. It appears to be the tracklist for an album called 'SYRO', along with the tempo of each of the songs.

There's also a fold of Richard D. James's face, which was hidden in the code. Also, it's James's birthday, a perfect day to announce as any.

[via Stereogum]



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