Antwerp – Haab

The blissful track from London-based producer Antwerp's latest EP is a shimmering ode to that sleepy, holiday-sick feeling.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

‘Haab’ is the third track from London producer Antwerp’s newest EP, A Permanent State of Jet Lag.

Paying tribute to that disoriented, off-kilter feeling of having flown to another time zone, this is music that raids the cupboard for comfort food, pulling out familiar treats but enjoying them in new and strange ways. With strings that toy with tradition, shifts between a light and dark tone and skittering, often ominous drums, ‘Haab’ twists and turns, and keeps you on your toes.

What is most spectacular about this track is that it subtly builds around the shape of an entire EP that swoops, crashes and booms adventurously. The trickling, dancing strings tug their way through from the EP opener ‘A Permanent State of Jet Lag’, while naturalistic, summery drums hail in a deeper resonance that plunges all the way to the core of the closer, ‘Light Beyond The Atmosphere’. What Antwerp has crafted here, in his second EP, is a tracklist that really evolves as you listen, following a path that morphs and surprises with each new step you take – and yet, forms a complete, intricately bound whole. Take a few steps into it by streaming the full EP over at The Line of Best Fit.

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