Anger over DJs playing crowded raves without safety measures during the pandemic

DJs including Amelie Lens, Dax J, Nina Kraviz and more have been criticised for playing large raves


Words by: Felicity Martin

Artists including Dave Clarke and Telefon Tel Aviv have vocalised criticism of DJs playing packed pandemic parties without Covid-secure measures like masks or social distancing in place.

Clarke wrote a Facebook post claiming he was “disappointed in “The Scene”,” decrying “a few top flight DJ’s who financially do NOT need the money but are in some FOMO pact”.

Footage from a recent Amelie Lens gig has been circulating on Twitter, drawing anger from electronic music fans who are keen to see clubbing return safely.

Another circulating video shows Nina Kraviz in Italy playing to a non-mask-wearing, bored-looking crowd.

Much of the criticism has been directed at Lens, Kraviz and Peggy Gou, although some have argued that male DJs who have been playing events with large audiences have seen less judgement.

The Business Teshno Twitter account is archiving footage of DJs playing to large crowds during the pandemic, with videos showing performers including Jamie Jones, Dax J, Nina Kraviz and more. The account also highlighted the increased amount of engagement on its tweet about Amelie Lens in comparison to that of male DJs performing, which received minimal likes and retweets.

Twitter users also highlighted the hypocrisy of criticism being directed towards an electronic music festival that took place recently at a water park in Wuhan while European DJs are regularly playing on the continent, where the virus is still at large.

Efforts are being made to safely bring back electronic music shows, including in Berlin where a contact-tracing app has launched in nightclubs, developed by music tech employees.

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