Angel Haze – On The Edge

The rapper gets personal in this thumping Azealia Banks diss.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

“I think my album’s more done than yours, and I just started a week ago,” Angel Haze tells Azealia Banks in On The Edge. Diss tracks are generally a pretty tiresome phenomenon, but Angel Haze’s mischievous chuckles, coupled with her trademark searing delivery and some downright mean accusations, means this is one worth having a listen to even if the words “Twitter beef” make you want to hit your head against something hard.

The two rappers got into a dispute yesterday over a tweet written by Azealia, which Angel took as a personal slight. To cut a long story short, some nasty things were said, prompting Angel to upload a song to her Soundcloud page that she apparently recorded in 20 minutes.

Stream and download the track here.

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