Angel Haze – Classick

The hotly tipped Detroit MC makes statements on her new mini-mixtape.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Angel Haze’s ‘Classick’ is both an exercise in re-fitting hits and an exorcism of personal demons. Growing up in a Christian church that she describes as a cult and being banned from listening to pop music until she was 16 gives her this very ravenous, slightly raw style, but it’s backed by an obvious natural talent.

Her upbringing provides an almost overwhelming amount to talk about and she doesn’t flinch from it – particularly on the confessional Cleaning Out My Closet – but the mixtape is also a template for Angel Haze to try things out over some well-loved instrumentals, not least being a stand-out take on Missy Elliot’s Gossip Folks. ‘Classick’ is available to stream below and to download here.

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