Andrew Weatherall launches new label, Moine Dubh

Weatherall has started a 7" subscription label dedicated to emerging folk and pop artists close to his heart.


The peerless Andrew Weatherall is launching a new label, Moine Dubh.

Already busy running the labels Rotters Golf Club and Bird Scarer, the latest venture from Weatherall is a subscription label dedicated to what a press release describes as "emerging folk and pop artists close to his heart".

Although there's no official word on who the label will be releasing, a recent Moine Dubh showcase at the House of St. Barnabas in London featured the names Barry Woolnough, Fireflies, Joe Duggan, Alan Maclean, After Cali, Lowroad, and Echowood – most of them hailing from South London suburb Crystal Palace.

The first 7" will be mailed out to members in September, and you can subscribe to the label service now.

And as for that name? Moine Dubh is the name of a deep black peat that's peculiar to Irish bogs. ​Obviously.

Read the label manifesto below.

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