Amateur Best – Too Much

Comic book artist and nuanced pop song crafter Joe Flory is back on top form with this paradoxical and powerful track.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Everything about this single from Joe Flory (AKA the comic book artist and electronic musician Primary 1) under his new guise as Amateur Best screams “excess”. From the drunken squeaks of saxophone that stumble through it, to the theatrical pop vocal – it’s altogether “too much/ not enough, too much”.

Not enough, because it has that hummable, replay factor – too much, because it has all the dense texture and flamboyancy of a pop classic. Like all great pop classics, though, there’s paradox and pain at its core, and that’s a contradiction that glistens tellingly in Flory’s nuanced vocal. It’s a triumphant return to songwriting for the artist, who has spent the past year working on enough new music (and artwork) to release a brand new LP at the beginning of 2013. Stream Too Much, taken from the upcoming record, below.

Double Denim will release ‘No Thrills’ on the 4th February 2013.

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