Amateur Best – Marzipan

Skewed dance pop from the returning songwriter and producer.


Amateur Best entered our hearts with his debut album 'No Thrills', a charming little bedroom pop record released by Double Denim Records back in 2013. When we listened to it we were worried it might be one of those one-offs, a singular release that people would slowly rediscover over the years, with someone 20 years on from now finding it and thinking: 'holy shit, this is brilliant, why didn't Amateur Best do anything else?'

Thankfully, history will play out a bit differently: Amateur Best is doing something else, and it's sounding brilliant. In October he'll release a new album called 'The Gleaners' through Brille, with new single Marzipan playing out as a bit of wonky, vocal house pop. Slot this alongside LA PRIEST's Learning To Love and you'll have your 'crackpot summer funk jams' playlist well underway.

Full details of the record are yet to emerge, but we are told that Chilly Gonzales will be playing piano on one of its songs.

Brille Records release Marzipan on August 10th, followed by 'The Gleaners' in October.

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