Altered Natives launches Trinity Black, a consultancy fighting racial inequality in electronic music

Danny Yorke will be operating as a consultant as well as Ikonika


Words by: Felicity Martin

Danny Yorke aka Altered Natives is aiming to tackle diversity within the electronic music world with the launch of Trinity Black, a new consultancy service.

“Our aim is to provide a much-needed service to the dance music industry by tackling cultural diversity in a racially biased and heavily unbalanced industry built on the creative foundations of music of Black & Gay origin which has now become undeniably whitewashed,” the site states.

Trinity Black’s immediate aim is to “approach record label owners and independent to major labels who want to truly diversify their artist rosters,” and will extend this to club promoters and festival programmers in the future.

The team is comprised of consultants for different global regions, including Yorke himself, Natalie Flight, Sara Chen aka Ikonika, Morgan Rhodes and more.

Visit the Trinity Black website here.

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