Aldous RH – U and ME

Hear a new song from the beguiling Manchester musician before he plays Dummy's Ace Hotel show tonight.


Aldous RH is a Manchester-based musician and former member of Egyptian Hip Hop whose songs and arrangements are intricate, enticing, and labyrinthine. He'll be playing our show at Miranda @ Ace Hotel Shoreditch tonight.

He's recently linked with patten's label, Kaleidoscope, which started in 2006 but which is kicking itself up a few notches this year – starting with their new 50/50 series.

50/50 is a simple idea – two sides of a vinyl disc will be split between two different artists. But where this differs from typical split vinyl formats is that there is no overt curatorial connection between the two sides. Any similarities between the artists comes through chance alone.

Aldous is sharing the first 50/50 record with regular Kaleidoscope artist Vanilla Hammer, with his side being an EP called 'Seductive Atmospheres'. It's six tracks long – but U and ME won't feature on it. Instead, U and ME is one of many, many songs that seem to pour out of Aldous's brain on a seemingly daily basis. It's kinda sexy, kinda sleazy – kinda what you might expect if you crossed Prince with Unknown Mortal Orchestra with Machine Gun Ibiza

Make sure you RSVP for tonight's show at the Ace Hotel website.

Dummy presents: Formation, Oscar, and Aldous RH takes place at Miranda @ Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, London on May 12th 2015 (info).

Kaleidoscope release 'Diss Patches'/'Seductive Atmospheres' on May 18th 2015.