Alan Johnson – Fickle

Dark, paranoid sub bass from the duo with the world's dullest name.


Alan Johnson would probably take the prize for world's dullest name if it didn't remind us of this feller and if it weren't for the fact that it isn't the name of somebody actually called Alan Johnson, but a duo, suggesting that it's deliberately unassuming. The music is anything but, though – there's about a million things going on at once on Fickle, a funky/grime/dubstep/techno fusion, from syncopated drum tracks to vocal samples to steely synths to twisted sub bass. It's really good, too, dark and paranoid as it comes.

The track is due out on Blank Mind, a label set up by Dummy Mix alumnus DANCE, and will be the fourth release that was hinted at back in February. Fans of Fickle who are wanting to look a bit further are advised to check out this and this.

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