ALAK – Pass

Check the latest transmission from patten's wonky Kaleidoscope label.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

The latest artist to emerge from patten's off-kilter Kaleidoscope imprint is Californian musician ALAK, a pseudonym of Jocelyn J. Noir, who is releasing a new five-track cassette as part of the label's LIMITED DUBS series.

ALAK has history with patten – he remixed her track My Love Is Best a couple of years ago – so it's hardly a surprise to see them working together again. Pass is large and loud, a room-engulfing big beat that sounds a little like Karin from The Knife if she'd been smoking for 40 years. The vocal is almost inaudible except for a moment that hits silence and the rather grotesque lyric "take liberties with the body" pops up. It's very hyperactive and all over the place, but underneath it all is a solid pop foundation.

The songs will come out as part of Kaleidoscope's LIMITED DUBS series. The basis of this is quite simple – the five tracks that make up the EP were produced as master versions, and these are the versions that you'll be able to get, for free, via the label's website from October 21st. In addition to this, ALAK has made up a handful of individual tapes in which the tracks were recorded directly to cassette with live processing and FX over the top, meaning no two cassette versions are the same. You will have to be quick with these, though, because there are only eight of them available.

Kaleidoscope was one of the labels Adam Harper focused on in his recent exploration of London's underground noise scene for Dummy. 

Kaleidoscope will release 'Guardian Petted' on October 21st 2013.

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