Airhead – Autumn

Airhead has shared an autumnal acoustic ballad ahead of his debut album for R&S.


James Blake may have been getting a lot of attention recently, but it’s now time for frequent collaborator Airhead to take the spotlight. Airhead – AKA Rob McAndrews – has announced a new album for R&S named ‘For Years’, and to celebrate they’ve shared new track Autumn. Whilst the first incarnation of R&S made their name putting out humungous techno gurners by the likes of Joey Beltram, nowadays their remit covers a lot of introverted, leftfield electronica a la Vondelpark, and Autumn fits this bill – true to its name, it’s a pensive acoustic ballad that feels in tune with the seasons and the natural world. So a field in the English countryside for sure, but not one filled with thousands of pilled-up ravers.

R&S will release ‘For Years’ on the 11th June.

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