AFX – Serge Fenix Rendered 2

Richard D. James revives the AFX alias for the first time since his Analord series.


Richard D. James is making his first release as AFX since the incredible Analord series on Rephlex.

Warp release the 'orphaned deejay selek (2006-2008)' EP on August 21st. It continues some renewed activity from James, who released an album, 'Syro', last year, and followed it up with a new EP and a load of stray Soundcloud uploads.

You can stream a new track, serge fenix Rendered 2, now. 

AFX 'orphaned deejay selek (2006-2008)' EP tracklist:

01. serge fenix Rendered 2
02. dmx acid test
03. oberheim blacet1b
04. bonus EMT beats
05. simple slamming b2
06. midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm
08. r8m neotek beat

Warp Records release the 'orphaned deejay selek (2006-2008)' EP on August 21st 2015 (buy).