Addison Groove – Bad Things [stream]

Addison Groove's (re)works Spank Rock out in typically brazen style.


Words by: Charlie Jones

One of the best moments of Addison Groove’s live Boiler Room show from a while back was his remix of Spank Rock’s Bump. Now he’s gravitated towards the group’s vocals again for new track Bad Things, their West Coast drawl the perfect match for Addison Groove’s stuttering 808 thunk. Big, hard, and brash, and coming at you with enough good sense not to care about it’s own ridiculousness, Bad Things is a rude, punchy hit out. No releases details as yet, all we know about it for now is what Addison Groove’s soundcloud tells us:

Vocal By Spank Rock
Drums by 808
Processing by Drawmer
Mixdown by me
MP3 conversion by itunes
Upload by Chrome
Hosted by soundcloud
Listened to by you”


Addison Groove’s ‘Bad Things’ can be listened to through his soundcloud now