AD Bourke – Raw Ivy (full mini LP stream)

Stream Rome producer AD Bourke's latest sultry and enchanting mini six-track LP in its entirety.


Words by: Karen Chan

Mongolia’s Scenario is a label you should watch out for in the coming months. Having released Panoram’s ‘Accents’ EP early this year, they have also just put out their fantastic second record, delivered by Rome producer AD Bourke.

Created across six tracks, ‘Raw Ivy’ offers a sun-soaked, dreamlike sound design which sumptuous and gleaming pads, restless percussion with barely-there kicks, rich and stately melodies will linger in your head long after the tracks have ended. Although constructed from similar instrumentation and 4/4 beat, ‘Raw Ivy’ is not entirely house. Characterised by its strange kind of shuffle, with stripped back, jaunty chords, teasing vocal snippets, and sizzling, uneven basslines that nose through soulful, kaleidoscopical strings, it wanders off into a funkier, electro-driven, and at times jazz-oriented territory that effortlessly lends a slow-motion, hiccupping groove. It shares a weird but precise scape of sound of Floating Points and Space Dimension Controller’s tracks (the latter, coincidentally, has launched his Basic Rhythm label with AD Bourke’s ‘Tidal Motion’ EP last year), but without the compressed or eccentric atmospherics.

Scenario released AD Bourke’s mini LP ‘Raw Ivy’ in limited 180g green vinyl on 28th May, 2012